1. Warrior

From the recording Kaladin

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Written and performed by TREN


Whatever it takes,
I make no time to be afraid.
I cannot let them see the scars
That keep them safe.

When the pressure mounts,
No life that’s lost is all that counts.
Only the fiercest winds
Can blow this sorrow away.

Blow this sorrow away...

I’ll be your warrior. I’ll be your shield.
I’ll take this storm to fuel a fire that will not yield.
I’ll be your broken. I’ll be your strength.
Between the shards and cracks
We’ll finally break away.
I will not yield. I’ll be your shield.

Though the burdens that I bear
Could break the backs of men,
I cross terrain of ice and pain
And start again.

For though I am a slave,
I’m called to save who must be saved.
With patience, justice comes,
Comes to those who wait.

Comes to those who wait...